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Founded in 2016 by a former strategy consultant and serial entrepreneur and an industrial designer, Deckmode was created to meld unparalleled strategic design with impeccable process and science.

The result? A nouveau agency model, built to provide repeatable, elevated quality standards, offering you bespoke strategy and design with a methodical, predictable, agile experience.

The secret? Experienced execution matched with care.

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Hi! 👋 And thanks for reaching out and considering working with us.

When we started focusing on creating presentations years ago, it became very clear to me that it was hard for clients to immediately trust.

Marketing material, especially for an important opportunity, is truly a representation of you: as a founder, CEO, manager, salesperson or even just simply as a human.

When you’re enlisting someone’s help to create a presentation for you, You’re putting a lot of trust in them:

– Trust that they’ll take time to care about (and understand) your business
– Trust that they’ll take time to understand your goals and needs
– Trust that they’ll take on the exact same level of care that they would for their own business

And so we built this focused business with that in mind.

I’ve been an entrepreneur (and corporate citizen) many times over and I know the pressure that exists when you can see an opportunity and want to ensure that you truly nail it.

Deckmode was created to deliver the same quality that we’ve been delivering for years, but in an absolute ‘machine’ of a format.

So that you can spend your time on your core business needs while knowing with complete confidence that you’ll have an excellent presentation, on time, and with additional strategic thought as appropriate.

Deckmode is our mentality. It’s the mindset that we take into each and every presentation.

All built so you don’t have to worry.

We look forward to hopefully working with you.

Athan Slotkin
CEO, Deckmode
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Deckmode Pillars

// 01

Optimal Business Strategy

Pointed understanding of the Client’s business paired with the exact use case(s), audience, and overarching goals. Parallel contextualization of the history and vision, all collectively laying the foundation for deliberate strategic thought and design vision.

// 02

Structured Creative Development

Methodical, comprehensive processes designed to develop strategy for any deliverable and use case in a very top-down, structured manner. Creativity maximized with thoughtful direction and logic.

// 03

Demanding Design Precision

Care, in every element strategized, conceptualized, or created, all to ensure compounding improvements and deliberate output. The standards you see outside: the same standards we hold ourselves to internally, with every task we take.

// 04

Detailed Competitive Positioning

Astute awareness, creativity, and ‘forecasting’ of where the buyer macro and unique verticals are moving, all to firmly contribute to an optimally positioned brand or deliverable. Our output is meant to intrigue and create action, leading to sales and impact for our Clients’ businesses.

// 05

Deliberate Use Case Tailoring

Care and curiosity about the exact projected audience and their eccentricities, so we can actively tailor all decisions and materials to perfect suit their mentality and drive action for your business. Our deliverables strike the balance between pointed and flexible, valuable for projected use case(s) and whatever ‘surprise’ or adaptation may appear.

// 06

Agile Iteration & refinement

Consciously heavily-iterative process, cognizant of the refinement needed to get to the end goals. Our highly agile approach incorporates the Client into the experience, rendering the deliverable not only the output but the logic and transformation.


Deckmode’s clients are leaders of their industries, taking bold approaches to business models and industries. The design is suited to match.
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